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Citation Style Guides: Miscellaneous


Interviews Sec. 10.13:

There are two different ways to cite interviews depending upon whether there is an audio recording or not. 


With audio recording:

Smith, M. B. (1989, August 12). Interview by C. A.

      Kiesler [Tape recording]. President's Oral History

      Project, American Psychological Association. APA

      Archives, Washington, DC.

  • The interviewee is the credited author.


Without audio recording:

Sparkman, C. F.  (1973).  An oral history with Dr. Colley

      F. Sparkman [Interview]. Mississippi Oral History

      Program (Vol. 289),


Informal student interview: Sec 8.9

  • Because these are not accessible to readers, cite as personal communication
  • Personal Communication is not cited in the References. 
  • Use in-text citations: (W. Fontane, personal communication, August 2, 2016).


Lectures/ Speeches

  • APA Style cites resources that are somehow archived and accessible to others.
  • Unless it is a crucial piece of your research, cite in-text:  (Fontane, class lecture, 2010, September 17). 


Fontane, W. M.  (2009, September 17).  But he was good

      to his mother: Researching and writing about

      gangsters in America.  Faculty Colloquia Series.

      McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA.


Manuscript Collections (letters, etc).

  • This material is not in the 7th edition.  It is only available on the APA Style website.


Allport, G. W. (1930-1967). Correspondence. Gordon

      W. Allport Papers (HUG 4118.10). Harvard

      University Archives, Cambridge, MA. 



(Allport, G. W., 1930-1967, Allport to E. G. Boring, March 1, 1939). 


Plays/ Performances


Plays in Print:

  • These are cited like books Sec 9.42 / 10.2

Shakespeare, W. (1995). Much ado about nothing (B.A. Mowat

     & P. Werstine, Eds.). Washington Square Press. (Original

     work published 1623)


  • If you are citing a specific part of the play, use in-text citations: (Shakespeare, 1623/1995, 1.3.36-37).  This refers to Act 1, Scene 1, Lines 36 and 37.


Plays adapted:

Beckett, S. Waiting for Godot. Directed by Charles

     McNeely, Shearman Fine Arts Theatre, 10 Nov.

     2010, McNeese State University, Lake Charles





He, L. & Sioles, G. (2011, January 21).  Violin

      and piano [Musical performance].  SFAA -

      Performing Arts Theatre, McNeese State

      University, Lake Charles, LA.


Film/ TV Sec. 10.12:

American Psychological Association. (Producer).

      (2000). Responding therapeutically to patient

      expressions of sexual attraction [DVD].


Ega, D. (Writer), & Alexander, J. (Director).  (2005, April 4).

     Failure to communicate (Season 3, Episode 4)

     [Television series episode]. In S. Shore (Executive

     Producer), House. Fox Broadcasting.


Dissertations / Theses  Sec. 10.6

McNeil, D. S. (2006). Meaning through narrative: A

      personal narrative discussing growing up with

      an alcoholic mother (UMI No. 1434728)

     [Master's thesis, California State University,

     Long Beach].  ProQuest Dissertations and

     Theses Global.

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