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Library Instruction: Scholarly vs. Non-Scholarly

Scholarly Periodicals/Journals/Magazines

Scholarly (Periodicals/Journals/Magazines)

Scholarly periodicals traditionally have a serious look. Here are some items to look for if you are not sure if an article you find is indeed scholarly. 

  • Scholarly article(s) will have been written by a scholar in a specific field of study
  • Scholarly articles ALWAYS cite their sources in either footnotes or bibliographies 
  • Scholarly articles will have gone through a peer-review process
  • Scholarly articles are published by associations and universities 
  • Scholarly articles are void of flashy advertisments and glossy photographs. 
Examples of Scholarly Journals here at Frazar Memorial Library include: 

Non-Scholarly Periodicals/Journals/Magazines

Non-Scholarly (Periodicals/Journals/Magazines)

  • Article often contains advertising, glossy photos and are more visually entertaining 
  • Articles are NOT peer-reviewed 
  • Articles may be written by a variety of staff members, from free lance writers to staff members, NOT scholars in that field of study 
  • Articles primary interest is to provide information to a broad audience 
  • Commercial publishers generally produce these journals 
  • No references are provided in footnotes and/or a bibliography 
Examples of Non-Scholarly (Periodicals/Journals/Magazines) 



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