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Acquisitions News at Frazar Memorial Library: Home

Wondering what books and other materials are new at Frazar Memorial Library? This is the place to find out.

Select Leisure Reading Books

The following is a sample of the leisure reading books currently available.  They are located on the New Releases shelves near the Public Services Desk.

Spotlight on Free Resources: Open Textbook Library

The Open Textbook Library is a collection of approximately 280 free online college textbooks on a wide range of academic subjects.  The textbooks have been written and reviewed for accuracy by faculty at various colleges and universities and are freely available to anyone to read and print.  Subjects include accounting and finance; business, management, and marketing; computer science and information systems; economics; engineering; foreign languages; general education; humanities and language; law; mathematics and statistics; natural and physical sciences; and social sciences.  Titles may be accessed by following the link above and through the library's catalog.  The Open Textbook Library is a project of the Open Textbook Network, with technical support statewide from LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network.  No special login is required from off campus.

Spotlight on New Books

Although ballistic missile subs are able to stay deep for months, they typically do not.  The [USS] Tennessee surfaces regularly, like a whale, to exhale emails.  We're about to come up in a merchant transit lane, which has everyone a little on edge.  In the hour-long lead-up to the moment when the sub breaches the water's surface, someone's been at the periscope, face pressed to the eyepiece, scanning for anything sonar might have missed.  Because the view is less than 360 degrees, he circles slowly, around and again, crossing one leg behind the other, a slow dance with a canister vacuum.  You want to be very, very sure there's nothing up there.

In 2001, the USS Greeneville surfaced directly beneath a 191-foot Japanese fishery training ship.  The sub's rudder sliced the hull, causing the trawler to sink and resulting in the death of nine people aboard.  (Sleep deprivation wasn't cited as a contributing factor.  A group of visitors was: fourteen CEOs and, um, a writer.  All but one of the group were up in the control room, crowding the periscope platform, blocking access to critical displays, distracting the sonarmen.)

The captain of the Greeneville exhibited what is known in those parts as poor periscope discipline.  He scanned for about half as long as procedure called for.  Another potential danger for a surfacing sub is "bow null."  If the front of a ship points straight into a submarine's sonar array, the sound waves emanating from that ship's propulsion are blocked by its own body and cargo.  The Tennessee's safety officer compares it to "yelling through the trunk of a car to your kids in front of the car."  A helpful, if disquieting, metaphor.

It's the weekend, which can be a more dangerous time to come up.  Container ships that are nearing port outside standard work-week hours will sometimes loiter, timing their arrival for Monday, when pay scales drop back to normal.  A container ship is the size of a strip mall, but if its engines are silent, it's all but invisible to the crew of a ballistic sub.  Aboard the Tennessee, a sailboat is more worrisome than a warship.  Now you understand how it came to pass that the USS San Francisco, in January 2005, ran into an undersea mountain.  They're very quiet, mountains.

Leisure Reading Books

Frazar Memorial Library has a leisure reading collection.  Through a subscription to Baker & Taylor's book leasing program, the library regularly offers current popular fiction and nonfiction titles, including The New York Times bestsellers.  Although the collection is currently small, new books will be added every month.  We may choose to keep the most popular titles, or we may return them for new ones as their popularity wanes.  Under the plan, our collection will eventually reach 300 titles per year.

Leisure books are searchable in the library's catalog and are shelved in the library lobby near the Public Services Desk.  They circulate for the same length of time as other books.  Leisure books are easily identifiable by their clear mylar covers.

The leisure reading collection is in keeping with Frazar Memorial Library's mission of providing user-centered collections and services.  It allows us to maintain a dynamic collection that is relevant to our users while making optimal use of limited space and resources.

Stop by and see what we have to offer.  Comments or questions about the service and suggestions for possible future titles are welcome and may be forwarded to Lonnie Beene, Acquisitions Librarian, at or (337) 475-5724.

EBSCO Ebooks

Frazar Memorial Library makes electronic books (ebooks) available through its subscription to EBSCO's eBook Collection.  In addition to being accessible through the EBSCOhost website, our ebooks have records in the online catalog that direct you to ebook titles in EBSCOhost.  This is advantageous in that it shows both the print and electronic books we have on a given subject.

Ebooks are identifiable by "[electronic resource]" in the title, a material designator of "Electronic Book," and a Location of "EBSCO eBook--Web Access Required."  Since it is not always easy to distinguish print and ebook records from one another at a glance (especially if you're pressed for time), the easiest way to access the library's ebooks is to go directly to the EBSCOhost eBook Collection website and search by keyword or title.

EBSCO ebooks may be downloaded for reading offline for a limited amount of time.  Downloading to a Windows or Mac computer requires the use of Adobe Digital Editions software, which is available here as a free download.  (Do not download to library computers; they already have it).

For instructions on downloading EBSCO ebooks to a tablet, e-reader, or smartphone, click the "Transfer EBSCO eBooks to a Mobile Device" tab on the library's EBSCO eBooks page.

Subject Guide

Google Books Search

For those times when the library doesn't have what you need, perhaps a search of Google Books will help.  Please note, however, that Google Books does not make the complete text available for all books.  If you need assistance, contact the Reference Desk at (337) 475-5725.

Have a Purchase Suggestion?

If you know of a book or other resource (video, journal, database) that you think the library should purchase, click here to complete a purchase suggestion form.  While we can't guarantee that we'll purchase everything, we do add items based on user suggestions, subject to available funds and appropriateness to the collection.  Thank you for your interest in improving Frazar Memorial Library.

Acquisitions Policies

Below is a link to view the library's acquisitions policies (requires Adobe Reader).

Last update: Sept. 4, 2013.

Library Liaison Assignments

Below is a link to view the library liaison assignments (requires Adobe Reader).  Liaisons are those librarians responsible for working with departments to maintain the quality of the library collection in various disciplines.

Last update: March 6, 2017.

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